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QC modules comparative

At the QC instalation, it’s requested to select a Module to advance. In this article, we will address the differences between modules.


QC is an ECAD software to create and modify control panels and electric systems that helps on the design of electric projects.

Nowadays, QC is divided in 5 modules, each one directed to a certain working profile, taking users needs into account.

Down below, we shall see the differences between each one of the 5 QC modules.

Recurso Professional Plus Professional Automatic Designer
2D Drawing tools
International standards support
Electrical drawing tools
Configurable libraries
Graphical reports in the project
Export options
Mechanical layout integrated to the diagram
Smart PDF
Libraries Importer
Electrical diagram
BOM importer
Safeguard resources
Modifications control
Import and export of CLPs I/Os
Projects configuration tools
Linking layouts with existing diagrams
SolidWorks integration
SolidWorks PDM integration
2D Wire routing
Translation tools
Instrumentation tools
Topographic diagram
Panels integration
SAP integration

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