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The compiler is a tool that makes validations in the project according to a set of configurable rules. There are two ways to run the compiler by typing the QCBUILD command in the command window or clicking the compiler button on the Projects tab. During validation, the problems encountered in the project are shown in the command window with a brief description of each problem.

Run while generating lists, export, or print

You can configure the compiler to always run before generating lists, exporting or printing. If the project has any rule defined as an error, every time this rule occurs, the compiler will prevent these commands from executing.


If you set a rule as a warning, the compiler will notify you of the rule’s occurrence in the project but will not prevent the commands from completing.


The rules are the validations that will be made by the compiler. A rule is something that can be a problem of the project. Rules serve precisely for the draftsman to define whether the compiler will treat this as an error, a warning or even bypass this validation completely.

Every rule has 3 configuration options, they are:
1. Warning – The compiler will only report the problem;
2. Error – The compiler will notify you of the problem and prevent some commands until the problem is corrected.;
3. Ignore – The compiler will not validate the rule.


You can search by the code of a rule in the knowledge base to know more about a rule.

Change the rules setting…

1. Go to the compiler settings:
Menu: Options > Eletric options… > Commands > Compiler;
Ribbon: Manage > Eletric options… > Commands > Compiler;

2. Click on the current setting of the rule you want to change and choose the setting you want;
3. Click the Apply and Ok button.

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