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Generating export lists that can be integrated with ERT (such as TOTVS)

Apply to: 2016 R2

There is a necessity to integrate the data from ERP with the materials lists that are generated by QC in an automatic way. To make the process quicker and more automated, you can create an export structure, and save it as a template so you can use and integrate information with ERP in order to diminish the time taken up by this process.

Basically, the items that compose the materials list are the ones that need to be present in the list that is to be exported and integrated to ERP. They are:

  • Properties
  • Property values
  • Information order
    And some additional options:
  • Export format
  • File location


To generate an export list:

Menu: Project > Export > or Listings > Lists ‘Text files’
Ribbon: Project > Export > or Listings > Lists ‘Text files’
Comando: qcexport

    1. Access the Project tab and click Export
    2. Define, under Data, the kind of information that is to be shared in this export list (‘Wires’, ‘Components’, ‘Wires and components’ are some of the options)
    3. Define the properties that are to be listed.

If you’d like to find the properties that are already set up in the QC, you can open the dictionary of custom properties.


Menu: Options > Database > Custom properties
Ribbon: Manage > Custom properties
Comando: qcpersonalsimbolos

  1. Click on Advanced
    At this point, you will be able to set up filters for the properties to be exported
  2. Select the properties you want to include in the export list

    There are some standart properties you can learn more about in the previous article

  3. Click Ok and then Export
More Info

Know more about how to customise your export list, setting up the property fields in: Setting up properties in lists that can be integrated with ERP

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