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Exporting a Bill of Materials in the .xls format

Apply to: 2016 R1, 2016 R2, 2017 R1
When a QC project is developed, many times it need to be exported somehow, like, for example, in PDF. It’s also possible to realiz the export of some project lists (Bill of Materials, Wires, Cables…), in this article specifically we will demonstrate the export of the Bill of Materials to Microsoft Excel.

1. With the project open Ribbon > Listings > Bill of Materials: Text File ;

2. You will see a pop-up;


Here you can chose a preset setting, or Custom to use the settings below.


Here you select what will be exported;
More info

In the advanced button we are directed to the selection of the fields that will be exported.


In this field we select the output format, in our case, Spreadsheet – XLS which is the format accepted by older Excel versions.
We can also set the output folder to our Excel spreadsheet.

3. Click Export;

Now the list was generated and ready to be used as seen below.

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