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Installing the license manager

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You will find the download link here. Be careful to download the proper installer for your server.

The first step in initiating the setup of a license server is installing its manager, the NLM.


You need to be the Admin on the server to be able to completely install the NLM

The Network Licenses Manager (NLM) serves to store and manage your server licenses, allowing you to control users benefitting from the license as well as running or closing them as you please.

To install the manager
    Double-click on the installer icon
    In the blue window, select More
    the window will expand and display a new button
    Click on the button Execute anyway
    The installer window will open. Click on Next >
    This window should appear:
    Mark the box “Configure Windows Firewall automatically”
    Click Install
    Wait while the installer sets up SKA Network License Manager
    Click on Finish

Now you can open the NLM:


  1. Find the icon on your Desktop.
  2. Double-click on it
    The interface should look like this:
    More Info

    If you now want to request a network license, access this article. If you wish to import the license onto the server because you already have the NETLIC file, click here.


    The NLM installer is different for a physical server and a virtual machine. Make sure you choose the appropriate version.



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