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Running licenses on NLM

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If you do not yet have the license on your server, click here

You can register and run the license in your server after import.

To register the license:

  1. Open the Service tab and choose “Register”
  2. That’s all.



Not just during the activation: If you close an NLM process, you have to restart them to use the license again.

Initiate the licenses in the server:
  1. Go to the Service tab and click Start
  2. Verify in the Server Log tab if the following message appeared:


If the Server log tab returns a success message, it confirms the license is running on the server and informs what port is being used by NLM.


NLM might be restricted by the Windows firewall or your antivirus. Please check that on your server.

More info

If you want to activate QC in the computers that will use the license, click here.

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