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Requesting a network license from the support team

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If you have not yet installed the NLM, click here. After that, you can see here how to request your license file.

If you have already installed the NLM and do not yet have any licenses on your server, you can request the file from the support team. Even if you have a serial number, you will need a HostID from NLM to request the access key. The HostId is an identification unique to your server. You have to send it to the support team, as the key, which only they can generate, is linked to this code.

After you’ve obtained the HostID through NLM and sent it to the support team, a QC technician will generate a license key file, which you will be able to import.


If your server is a virtual machine, you will need to make sure your MAC Address is fixed so your code doesn’t change.

Obtain the HostID…

1. Open the NLM;
2. In the Licenses tab, click on Request License;
3. Copy the value beside Ethernet ID, as shown below.

Send it to the support team…

1. Open a new e-mail;
2. Send an e-mail to support@ska.com.br with the value displayed next to Ethernet ID and your firm’s information;
3. In a few moments, the support team will send you your license file.

More Info

Once you have the file, go here to learn how to import it.

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