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Use network license without server connection

Why use a network license while offline?

You may have purchased a network license, allowing you to use the same QC license in other machines and places.
In some cases, though, you may want to use QC while disconnected from the internet or your company’s network. In those cases you can Roam a QC’s license and use the program while traveling, for example.

Roaming a license…

1. Click QC’s help options, on the upper right of your interface;


The help options can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to the question mark (?) / help.

2. Click in Roam License;
3. Inform the final date of your roaming by clicking the arrow next to the predefined date and a calendar will be opened;
4. Select the date;


Mind and check the date as a whole,m paying attention to the day, month and year selected.

5. Click Roam License;

QC will be activated for the time displayed on the License window, under “Remaining days”.

6. Click in Run Software.

Done, now you have roamed your license successfully.


It’s possible to return a license to the server before the activation time ends.

Returning a license to the server…

1. Open the license window, just like in previous steps 1 and 2;
2. Click in Return License;
3. Click in Return License Again;
4. Click in Run Software.

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