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Opening a Project

Updated on November 4, 2019
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To open a new project, there’s many practices that we can do. E.g: if we move the file of a project through the mouse to inside of QC, on the tabs, we may open a project.
Then we will see two ways to open a project. You can enjoy to improve the way that you open your projects, according you build your projects.

Open a project by quick access …

1. With QC, click on the second open button in the quick access guide.

A window will open to search the document’s project through the files of your computer.


The filter of the window beside the name will show the files on DWG’s format, this is the pattern to projects in QC.

2. Find and select the file of the project in your computer.

3. Click the option Open.

Open a project by menu…

1. With QC open in the left corner click the button of QC.
Leave your mouse over the option open. Notice, there’s a list with the documents opened recently. You can open a project for there.

2. Click on the option open…

Like the last step, a window will be open to select the project’s file.

3. Find the project’s file on the window opened and select it.

4. Click on the option Open.

With the project opened, you can edit, change and come back to work again when you want, save and open every time you want. Now, we will see how to save the project.

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