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Updated on November 4, 2019

On our project, beside of the electrical wiring diagram we will do your mechanical representation (electrical layout) inside the software. Because of that we need create a new page groups.

Insert page groups…

1. In page pallet do a right-click on the upper icon in the pallet.
The icon match the project name. How the name of the project wasn’t defined, it will be “NONAME_0”.

2. Select “Insert Groups”.
The window “Page groups” will contain all groups of pages registered on database.

3. Find the group “ELECTRICAL LAYOUT”.


If you can’t find the group, try “Filter” option inserting the group name or just a part, like the picture below:

4. Select the group and click “Ok”.
The group of “Layout” is inserted on the project and now is possible add more pages in this group, if necessary.

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