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Activating a local/network license

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1, 2016 R2
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If you have not yet installed QC, check this article first.

You will see how to activate your license in order to benefit from all of QC’s functionality and resources.

Choosing your activation method:

1. Launch QC;

2. In the activation box, click on “Activate license”;

3. Select the appropriate activation method;

A – If you received a license file from the support team;

B – If you possess a license key;

C – If your license is in a server or network.

To import a license file through a .lcs file

1. Click on “Import File .lcs”;

Locate and select the file on your machine, as shown below;

2. Click on Open;

3. Choose “Run software”;

Using a product key or a serial number

1. Click on “Activate with key”;

A window with several blank fields will appear.

2. Fill in the required information, according to the following example;


3.Click on Conclude;

4. Insert your product key;

5. Click on Activate.

Using a server/network license
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If your server is not already set up, go to “Installing the License manager on the server” before you move on.

1. Click on “Supply server details”;

2. Click on add. The following window will appear;

3. Fill in the server’s IP Address and Choose “Save details”;


The standard port is 2700.


You’ll see the server details in the activation window.

4. Click on Request license;

5. Click on run software.


For other machines utilising the same network license, follow the same steps.

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