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Atualizar para uma nova versão

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: All

The update for QC 2018 version is now available. In QC 2017 R2 verision a window will be displayed informing the user about the possibility of installing this new version, where it will be redirected to this article.

QC 2018 R1 Download…

1. Click the button below to download the QC 2018 R1;

2. Run the installer.

To install, check out the article Instalar in the knowledge base with all the necessary steps.

For the first activation of the program in the new version, check out the article Bootstrapper РAssistente de Instala̤̣o,where it contains a step-by-step for license activation and database connection

If you want to know more about QC 2018 R1, check out the Novidades to learn about the improvements and new features that will be available in this update.

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