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Sequentially numbering items during export

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R2

The QC’s export tool has a property to sequentially number the items that make up the list you wish to export. It is creatively named Sequence. To use it, it needs to be registered in the advanced properties of the export window.

Creating a properties…

Menu: Project > Export > Advanced > New
Ribbon: Project > Project > Export > Advanced > New

1. Open the Export window;

2. Click on Advanced;

3. Click on New;

4. In the Details window, type SEQUENCIA into the name field;

5. Fill in other information;

6. Click Ok;

7. In “Export data”, check the recently created property;

8. Click Ok and it will be ready to use.


It is necessary that the Group and Set in the Details window be marked as No for the property to correctly function.

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