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Create a new page block (format)

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1, 2016 R2

Let’s see how to create a new block from the page group, creating the sheet format from scratch.

More Info

We’re using the image bellow as reference in our example:


Create a page block (format)…

1. Open a new QC project;

In the grafic area, select all blocks or press the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+A”.


2. Delete all selected blocks with the “delete”, leaving the workspace in blank;



Each user has its own custom sheet, in this step we should draw the desired format using the CAD resources like lines, polilines, circles, text and others. You can also use the example drawing found in “More Info” above.

3. Draw the lines, columns, and the sheet limits;



  • Regarding the insertion point, before creating the block, is very important that the entities stay in the correct insertion point, in other words, the point must be in the beginning of the page columns and at the end of the lines reference.
  • Regarding the layers, every time a block is created, it’s entities must be in layer 0. To verify this, enable the Properties palette. If they’re not, you MUST change them to layer 0.

Save the “format” block…

1. Select all entities previously created;

2. Access the guide Manage > Configurations > New Component > Control;


3. Create a new folder named “MY BLOCKS”;

This folder can contain any name. You can assign, for example, the name of a customer or other sheet models.

4. Name the block “FORMAT”

5. Click in “save”;

6. In the command window, it will be prompted the block’s insertion point;

7. Enter the point 0,0  at the command window and press enter;

Saving will be confirmed when the block vanishes the drawing area.



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