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How to navigate between pages

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R2

Navigating between pages on the QC is a recurring and necessary occasion. Several times while designing a project you will have to navigate between the pages to consult some specific information, present the developing project and follow  through on its elaboration.This is way the Initial and Pages tabs of the Ribbon interface show this function in an exceedingly clear way. Next on this article we will approach practical ways to navigate between the pages on your designs, and ways of making this a quicker process.

How to navegate between pages?

The conventional way on the Ribbon interface, the use of the command window, and setting up a keyboard shortcut.

Method 1: Conventional

Use the Previous and Next icons on the Ribbon interface, in the Initial and Pages tabs

Method 2: Use the command window

By typing in qcnextpage to advance and qcprevpage to return.  After the first use, you can simply utilise the Enter key to repeat the last command.

Method 3: Creating a shortcut

In this example, we will use ctrl + ? to advance to the next page and ctrl + ? to return to the previous page.

Setting a shortcut…

1. In the RIbbon interface, right-click on the QC tabs on some empty space, to display the options pictured above;
2. Click on Customize Interface;

3. Go to Keyboard;
4. In Keyboard shortcuts, open the Shortcut Keys tab;
5. Click on the button to add a new shortcut twice;
6. In the Key field, where there is a red X, type in the shortcut you would like to use to advance. Do the same on the second shortcut key field for the other shortcut (to return);
7. In the Command Name column, locate the Previous and Next commands;
8. Choose “Ok”;
9. Your shortcuts are set up!


Create shortcuts for the more common functions you use on the QC using the same logic presented in this article. Make your life easier!

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