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Tips for designing a reverse start (Part 2)

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1
TIP 5: Reverse the phases in the reversing start

This tip is for those who are already finishing the exercise.

Generally, when you are faced with the situation above, you think:

“What is the correct way to reverse the phases in the project?” There is no single correct way, but many different paths to achieve the same result. However, one of them is significantly simpler, so that is the one you will see now.


Note: to execute the following procedure, it is essential to have added at least one of the power contacts.

  1. Go to the Wire palette
  2. Open the 4.0 mm² folder
  3. Select the BLACK wire
  4. Double-click on it and insert the wire stitches, as shown in the picture below. You will be asked for the number of paths .
  5. Type 3 into the command window and press Enter.
  6. Add the standard distance value between paths, that is, 7.5
  7. Press Enter on the keyboard again.  You will now need indicate the side, as  you can add the wires both to the in and outside.
  8. With the mouse, click with the wires on the outside.

The wires will be inserted but, as you can see, they are all again connected to the first wire. Put the wires in their respective phases, in the upper extremities of the power contact and reverse the lower ends. Don’t remember how to move the wires? Check this article.



Ctrl + Click on the mouse to open the link above, highlighted in orange.

9. Connect the wires to their respective phases, reversing the lower ends

10. In the Custom palette, locate the power contact of component K3

11. Insert the same onto the previously added wires.

All done! You have reversed the phases. To sum it up, the easiest way to work on QC is to first add the diagram wiring and then inserting its components.

TIP 6: Video to be added.

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