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Locating entities in the design

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R2

The locating tool is very useful to identify CAD entities in the project. With it, it’s also possible to locate blocks that are not made of QC components and patterns.
A ferramenta de localizar é muito útil para identificar entidades do CAD no projeto.

Locating entities…

Menu: Edit > Locate…
Ribbon: Design > Text > Locate…
Command: QCFIND
Shortcut: CTRL+F

1. Open the Search and Substitution window;

2. Click on Advanced;

3. Define the search terms and click Ok;

4. Fill in the Search space;

5. Click Search;

6. Fill in the space Replace with;

7. Mark the terms you wish to substitute in Results;

8. Click Substitute;

9. Close the window and you will be done.

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