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Updated on November 4, 2019

Apply to: 2016 R1

As we know, QC allow us to generate many kinds of reports and lists. This reports will be based on each piece of info you added to the project until now. That’s why it’s so important to keep consistency throughout each step of development. In this article, you will see more details about what exactly it contains and how to create a list of wires, also called TO-FROM list due to the relation of component connections established by it.

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Alternatively, learn how to generate lists of: labels, terminals, cables and bill of materials.

What is a TO-FROM list?

The TO-FROM list will point which components are connected to the wire ends, segment by segment. This list will allow us to see the wire number and the style of the wire, indicating the name/terminal of the component connected to the wire ends, pointing the region name of the origin and destination components, accordingly to the Mechanical Layout (this reveals another role to the project regions). It will even give us info about the length of the wire that shall be used by the Auto-Routing tool.

1. Go to Lists tab > List of Wires: Grid;

2. Select the file LIST OF WIRES.GRF;

3. Click in “Open”.

A group called “LIST OF WIRES” will be generated. This list will be a little bigger than the others, due to it having to display all the named wire segments used throughout the project.

Our list shall look like this:


During the project creation there are several times we must use derivations, that means two wires connected at the component terminal, as shown here:

To create the TO-FROM for wire 1, for example, QC uses the proximity of the Layout components, in other words, the logical order of wire connections will follow component proximity at the layout representation. However, if the mechanical layout has defined region. , the program will prioritize the components inside the perimeter of the region, followed by proximity.


To create a TO-FROM list, QC uses component proximity at the layout. But takes into account the components at the same region.

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