Generate bill of materials

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1

As we know, QC allow us to generate many kinds of reports and lists. This reports will be based on each piece of info you added to the project until now. That’s why it’s so important to keep consistency throughout each step of development. In this article, you will see more details about how to create a bill of materials.

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Alternatively, learn how to generate lists of: labels, terminals, cables and wires.

Generate bill of materials…


1. Go to Lists tab > Bill of materials: Grid;

2. Select the file BILL OF MATERIALS.GRF;

3. Click in “Open”.

Notice that a new page group called “BILL OF MATERIALS” will be created at the pages palette. By clicking twice at the page group or page, the list will be displayed.

The standard bill of materials will show component’s TAGs, Quantity, Description, Manufacturer’s and System Code, Manufacturer and Voltage/Current.

The bill of materials, as well as any other list, is fully customizable, that means we can add or subtract info accordingly to our needs.


In the event of new components being added to the project after the bill of materials was generated, you will need to generate it again.

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