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Inserting Terminals and Engines

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1
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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine.

This article goes over the steps for the insertion of terminals and engines.

Adding a terminal ruler…

1. Go to the “Components” palette;
3. Double click on SAKG 28 III – 135A – 1000VCA;
4. Insert the terminal into the first wire, careful not to put it in the wire’s extremities. It needs to be at least a little above the tip. ?Next, the properties window will be displayed;
5. Name the ruler X1;
6. Click “Ok”;

7. Open the tab “Desenho”;
8. Click on “Copy”;
9. Select the terminal;
10. Click “Enter”;
11. Choose a reference point for the terminal to be copied (one of its quadrants or its center);
12. Select the destination points for each copy, the position in the other wires where they are to be placed.

As you’ll need 4 different terminals, one for each way, you can utilize “Copy”.

The information on X1 will be displayed in all terminals, which can make the design feel polluted. To avoid that, do the following:

Hiding the information on graphic area…

1. Select posts 2, 3 and 4 on the sheet;
2. Right-click on Properties;
3. Locate RULER;
4. Click on the column called Invisible and select Yes.

These steps can be followed to conceal any information for any component.
To finalize the direct start, you need to add the engine. To do so:

Inserting motors…

1. Go to the palette “Components”;
2. Choose the “Motors” folder;
3. Locate and insert MOTOR 3 FASES + TERRA;
4. Place the motor over the wires’ extremities;
5. Fill in the current, power, tension and pole information as depicted in the image below.

The strength of your direct start will be shown similarly to the picture below:

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