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Insert pages inside a group

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1

What does it mean manager pages inside?

The management of pages inside QC it’s a way to organize the pages of a project. You can use the page pallet that can be found on the right side of interface.

What is a page group?

Group pages are used to organize a project and separate the pages by their functions, we may have as many group as necessary; e.g.: Cover Page, Subtitle, Mechanical Layout, Unifilar, Bill of Materials, etc. It’s possible notice that exist an icon called “Electrical Schematic” inside the page pallet and this icon we call “Page Group”.
In the project you have just created when you opened QC, search for “Electrical Schematic” icon in the page pallet and left click “+” by your side. Every icon in the Electrical Schematic represent a page in the project. “01” it’s the only page that this group have at the moment. We will need 4 pages for our diagram, so we have to insert 3 new pages in this group.

Add/remove pages in the group…

1. “Page” Pallet
2. Right click on “Electrical Schematic” icon.
3. Select “Insert page” option.
4. Click “5” option.
Note: Notice that page group will have 6 pages and we only need 4 pages. Remove the page 05 and 06.
5. Select both pages (05 and 06) in the page pallet.
6. Right click on them and select Remove (it’s possible use “delete” in your keyboard when the pages are already selected)
7. Confirm the remove option by selecting “Yes”.

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