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Inserting wire duct

Updated on November 4, 2019

Apply to: 2016 R1

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In order to approach all subjects in the Mechanical Layout category, such as Initiating layout in 2D, Inserting rails in the layout, Inserting wire duct in the layout, Inserting components in the layout (customised), Inserting components in the layout (layout), etc, in a neater way, we’ve created an electrical design to control the direct start of an engine. It is the same design used in the Electrical Schematic.

The procedure to insert wire duct into the layout is basically the same as the one for inserting rails.

Inserting wire duct…”
  1. Go to the Component palette
  3. Double-click on the component called CALHA 50×80 inside the CALHAS folder
  4. Define the wire duct insertion point in the upper part of the board, as shown in the figure below.
  5. Define the wire duct orientation, just as you did with the rails
  6. Using the mouse click, determine what size the wire duct will be
  7. Insert a wire duct vertically, as shown below:

    To better position your wire duct, use the M command on the keyboard (move).

  8. Continue to insert wire duct until the panel board looks like this:

    To resize a rail or wire duct you can simply double-click on it and change the length parameter under Properties.






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