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Inserting components in the Layout (first method)

Updated on November 4, 2019

Apply to: 2016 R1

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In order to approach all subjects in the Mechanical Layout category, such as Initiating layout in 2D, Inserting rails in the layout, Inserting gutters in the layout, Inserting components in the layout (customised), Inserting components in the layout (layout), etc, in a neater way, we’ve created an electrical design to control the direct start of an engine. It is the same design used in the Electrical Schematic.

You already know the Custom (Project) palette is your information manager inside a QC design. But what else can you do with it?

The Custom Palette

It allows the designer to verify and locate every component, wire, cable and terminal in the project, as well as insert component contacts, link accessories and more.

Besides all the functions you’ve already seen, the palette can also be used for the insertion of other component representations, such as Unifilar and Layout, which is what you are working on now.

Firstly, you will insert to disruptors, DM1 and DM2, into the panel.

Inserting layout representation through the Custom Palette…

  1. Go to the Custom palette;
  2. Open the Component folder;
  3. Locate the DM1 component and left-click on it;
  4. Double-click on the Layout representation beside a gray circle
    The DM1 representation will be exhibited;
  5. Position the disruptor onto the upper rail;
  6. Do the same with component DM2.

Now both disruptors are represented in the layout. You can notice that on the palette, as the green circle is now displayed next to the layout representation.



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