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Adding Contacts to a Component

Updated on November 4, 2019
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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine.

For the insertion of contacts into your projects, you need to utilise the “Custom” or “Project” palette. Inside “Custom” you will find two folders: Components and Wires. In these two, everything being used on the project is shown, that is: The two buttons, S1 and S2, the K1 contactor, and the wires, which at these point are without identification.

Inserting a contact…

1. Open the Custom (Project) palette > Components > K1-CONTATOR TRIP. A 50-30-11(1NA+1NF), 230Vca > Contacts;
2. Select the 13, 14 contact;
3. Double-click;
4. Position it as show in the image below:

In the added contact, besides the contact name and its connections, you will see the main component’s (father component’s) position.

The “01” refers to the page, while “E” and “2” refer to the page’s line and column respectively. As for the contactor, you may notice its cross reference has already been refreshed, indicating the contact’s position in the project.

After you’ve created the coil support, add the lamp to signal if it’s on or off.

Adding a traffic sign to the project…

1. Locate the 21,22 contact in the “Custom” palette;
2. Insert the contact on the wire, as shown below:

3. Locate the component 3SB3001-6AA40 in the component palette using “Search”;
4. nsert it over the wire, below the normally closed, previously added contact;
5. Fill in the information according to the following picture.

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