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Filling in Group Characteristics

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1

On every page, you will see information that needs to be filled in such as client, project name, engineer… The question in? How to we fill in these things?

Fill in page group information…

1. Double-click on any page in the Electrical Schematic group

2. In Ribbon, enable the tab Pages

3. Under the tools of “Page groups”, click on Properties;

A window will be displayed containing all the information to be filled in.

4. Select Ok.
Note that this information will be filled in on every page of the Electrical Schematic group. In this case, that is pages 3 through 6;
5. Open the group Cover and double-click on page 01

Note that in the graphic area, all the information previously filled in for the Electrical Schematic group won’t be available on the cover page. The same will occur for Caption and Electrical Layout. To avoid having to fill all these in separately, follow these steps.

Repeat group information for other groups of pages…

1. Double-click on the Cover page under the pages palette;
2. Enable the Pages tab;
3. Inside the Page Groups tools, click on Properties. The same request for information will be displayed;
4. Click on the “Copy from… ” button on the lower left corner of the window;
5. A smaller window will be displayed. Select the group Electrical Schematic and after, any page inside Electrical Schematic;
6. Click Ok;

Now everything will be filled in the Cover group.

7. Follow the same procedure for the Electrical Layout and the Caption, so that every page in the design is set up like the Electrical Schematic.

Even after filling in the information on all pages, some items will still not be shown, such as the page description (pictured below).

The previously supplied information is general and applies to all groups. Page description and other specific information cannot be filled on that window, since different pages in the same group may have different descriptions.

Example: Page 10 of the project may serve to showcase the digital inlet part of the project while the purpose of page eleven is to present analogical outlets. Therefore, each must be independently filled, even if they belong to the same group.

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