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Designing a reverse start

Updated on November 4, 2019

Apply to: 2016 R1


We recommend that you check the electrical schematic session, where we created a direct start, so you can design the reverse start by yourself.

In this article, you should apply the knowledge acquired in previous sections to design a reverse start by yourself. Therefore, we will present you with a new task that may occur in a real life work situation:

  • Your goal is to elaborate an engine activation design by reverse start
  • Using a specific set of components (could be a client’s requirement)
  • Create an image of the designed schematic on an non-automated CAD platform.

Set of components:

Utilise only the components below, listed with their identification and QC Library folder.

Design the schemes according to the drawings below:

Command Scheme on CAD



To facilitate the command- and power scheme visualization, click on the images.

Power scheme on CAD



You can visualize some tips on how to design the reverse start here. You can see the step by step on tip number 6 of this article.

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