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Fixing unexpected issues

Updated on November 4, 2019

If you experience any of the following, your local QC files may have been corrupted in the machine.

• Fatal error when opening QC
• Unconfigured interface
• Palettes being displayed incorrectly
• Interface icons on Ribbon looking all the same

Why does this happpen?

Interface files are saved when QC is quit. Depending on the error, they can be improperly stored and because of that, present weird/abnormal behaviour.

What happens after we delete folders?

Deleting these local files will force QC to generate new ones, returning to the software’s default configuration.


Any modifications in an DWT or interface files will be lost unless you make a backup of the desired documents

Restoring the local files…

1. Save the project and close QC;

2. Click on Windows menu;

3. Type %appdata% and press Enter;

4. Locate a folder called “QC Professional”, “QC Automatic” or “QC Designer” and delete;

It’s possible just renaming the folder.

5. Open QC and verify if the problem got solved.

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