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Using scales in the insertion of layout representations

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R2
The use of scales in the layout allows for greater mechanical detailing and other changes in representation. The scale grants flexibility to the document assembly in the panel, without having to alter the register of every component one by one. QC has a tool to manage insertion settings in the Project: Layout palette. You can easily alter the insertion scale of any mechanical representation, and this article will show you how to that.
  1. Enable, through View > Layout, the Mechanical Layout palette
  2. Access the Insertion Settings > Scale. This resource is in the Mechanical Layout palette, next to the buttons above the Viewing field. It looks like a green arrow pointing downwards.
  3. In the Insertion settings window, use the Scale field to type in the scale you’d like to apply.

    If the field is unavailable, you can change that accessing the tab Manage > Electrical Options > Components > Insertion > Use page scale > No.

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