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Linking Accessories

Updated on November 4, 2019
Apply to: 2016 R1

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To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we created a project to control the direct start of an engine.

This article will teach you how to link accessories to any given component.

When working on a project, you might often find yourself in need of more contacts in a contactor than reality allows. In real life, you would add an auxiliary contact block to make up for the lacking numbers. In QC, you’ll do the exact same thing.

Linking accessories…

1. Open the “Custom (Project)” palette;
2. Go to Components and locate K1-CONTATOR TRIP. A 50-30-11(1NA+1NF), 230Vca;
3. Right-click on it;
4. Select the option “Link accessories”;
5. In the displayed window, under Library, select the component in CONTATORES > ABB > CONTATOS AUXILIARES > CA 6(LATERAL) > PARAF. > BLOCO DE CONTATO AUX. CA 6-11E (1NA+1NF);
6. Double-click on the accessory;

7. Press “Apply”.

A window will be displayed indicating the contact names. You may click “Ok” or, if you prefer, change the contact names as shown below:


Be careful to separate different contact names using “,” (coma) and to not repeat their connections.

Go back to the “Custom” palette. You will notice that inside the component K1 is a new folder called Accessories, which includes the indication of the linked contact block. Inside the “Contact” folder, two new contacts will be displayed, both with slightly different symbology, indicating they come from an accessory.

Inserting a new accessory…

1. Open the “Custom” palette;
2. Locate the Component folder and the contactor K1-CONTATOR TRIP. A 50-30-11(1NA + 1NF), 230Vca;
3. Open the Contact folder;
4. Insert the additional NA contact onto the lamp wire that doesn’t yet contain any;

Until here, you’ve followed steps that may be skipped through other resources, like searches or shortcuts. A more practical way to achieve the same thing would be

Insert the component SINALIZAÇÃO VERM. 3SB3001-6AA20. With this information, you can quickly locate the lamp using 6AA20 in the Component palette.

5. Search for 6AA20 in the Component palette and insert SINALIZAÇÃO VERM. 3SB3001-6AA20.

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